About TPU

The projects undertaken by TPU are typically product development of equipment for the manufacturing of products and/or the associated products for or with our customers.

Development of manufacturing technology

Mainly done for larger manufacturing companies where the typical project holds a large amount of analysis, innovation, concept creation and/or advanced technology. TPU covers projects from solving instant problems in running production to designing, completing and implementing entirely new production machinery. Project management and control of sub-suppliers are integral parts of these types of TPU projects. The hardware varies from a single production machine up to 20-30 production machines.

Development of products

Typically done for companies with a need for the development and design of new products with a high degree of innovation and new technologies. TPU masters all phases of product development from innovation, concept creation, design and documentation to the manufacturing of testing models, testing and final production. Project management is typically a part of these projects. The production volume of the products varies from a few to millions of units per year.

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