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Autoinjector test equipment

Som afsluttende del af samleprocessen af autoinjektorer bliver nøgleparametre såsom injektionstid og nåledybde testet. TPU A/S har i den forbindelse for kunden udviklet et test fikstur med tilhørende software, der muliggør tidsmåling på injektionen og distance måling af nålen optisk med et maskinkamera styret af fra en PC. Kombineret med kundens egen trækprøvebænk kan test fiksturet ydermere bruges til at måle kraften til at fjerne sikkerhedskappen, aktiveringskraften, samt nålebeskyttelseskraften. Således kan de hovedsagelige parametre for autoinjektoren testes på én pen hvormed totalantallet af penne, der skal testes, sænkes.
Styresystemet er udviklet i LabVIEW og er overleveret til kunden som et færdigt program. Ved aktivering af pennen startes optagelsen automatisk og efter endt injektion analyserer programmet billederne med ’Machine vision’ funktioner for at finde koordinatet af nålespidsen samt start og slut tidspunktet af injektionen. Operatøren har mulighed for at afspille optagelsen billede for billede og, om nødvendigt, korrigere start og slut tidspunktet samt udvælge hvilket billede, der skal bruges til bestemmelse af nålelængden.
Efter endt testserie haves billedserie for hver test og det er muligt at printe de fundne nålelængder og injektionstider til en PDF som del af dokumentationspakken for test serien.

TPU har i dette projekt været leverandør af den samlede udvikling af test udstyret, og dette omfatter bl.a.:
• Etablering af grundspecifikation.
• Etablering af modeller til afprøvning af udvalgte funktioner og egenskaber.
• Styresystem lavet i LabVIEW og overleveret som ”stand-alone” program.
• Design, indkøb og fremstilling samt montage af udstyret.

Blood gas measurement

The ABL90 FLEX is the newest blood gas analyzer from Radiometer Medical. The analyzer has been developed with special
focus on the point-of-care testing segment and offers a short cycle time (measurement to measurement) of only 60 seconds.
Results from the measurements are available in only 35 seconds and require just 65µL of blood (approx. 2 drops).
A small sample size is especially important when the application is treatment of premature babies.

A total of 17 parameters are measured, of which the majority is handled in a single unit, the sensor-cassette (pictured above
to the right). This unit contains a reference electrode, thick film sensors and the actual measuring chamber, where the blood
is lead through. The sensor-cassette is a disposable unit, which is replaced after a certain number of measurements or after
a certain time.

In this project TPU has been the central partner in the development of the sensor-cassette and its primary packaging (pictured above to the left). The tasks performed include:

• Establishment of the basic specification
• Generation of alternative concepts
• Detailed development including material- and technology selections
• Detailed mechanical design
• 3D CAD / 2D drawing documentation
• Procurement and verification of injection molded parts
• Assembly and testing

Alongside the development of the sensor-cassette, TPU has handled the development of several pieces of product related manufacturing- and test equipment and furthermore contributed to the development of some of the parts for the full apparatus.

The project has been carried out in close cooperation with the specialists of Radiometer Medical.

Optical pressure data acquisition

The laboratory equipment is designed to datalog a pressure signal provided by an optical pressure transducer. The optical pressure sensor is Ø0,3 mm and does not introduce electricity. Therefore it is very useful for certain sensitive and space limited environments. Furthermore the equipment handles other signals (among others a RS232 interface to a separate sensor).
The electronics is based on a FPGA solution from National Instruments which provides a very stable and effective solution for laboratory grade measurement equipment.

TPU has in the project covered all phases:
• Scoping and regulatory investigations
• Specification
• Architecture
• Mechanical and electrical design
• Programming
• Assembly
• Testing (pilot testing, fat testing etc.)
• CE marking including all relevant tests and documentation to meet the IEC 61010 standard for laboratory equipment. EN 61326 and FCC part 15 EMC/EMI testing.
• Delivery of finished equipment with instructions for use and full documentation.

Spinjet "Duplexer"

The concept of double-sided proofing in the print media industry covers the use of samples of sheets with print on both sides for check and approval of a job, before it is sent to the press. The development within large format inkjet printers with high printing quality has prepared the ground for this solution, which allows proofing to bypass the bottlenecks of the production facility.

The product is mounted fully integrated to the large format printer, where it receives the single-sided print sheet, flips it and returns it to the printer. When the printer has completed the reverse side, the finished sheet is delivered through the Spinjet to receiving tray.

In addition to the imposition proofing, the system is capable of signage and banner production.

The product concept is unique, patented and without competitors on the world market.

For this customer, TPU has performed the entire development of both the product shown and the other models of the series throughout the history of the customer. In the same context, TPU has also identified production sub suppliers, carried out manufacturing engineering and configuration control. The technology comprises mechanical and electronic hardware and software.

The advanced control system is fully integrated in the corresponding system of the printers from Hewlett-Packard, with whom TPU has had a close cooperation on the development.

Hygienic product

Berendsen offers a new complete line for toilet rooms with a ”full service” solution, where a unique design, functionality and
hygiene merge beautifully. The line is both easily recognisable with a strong design profile and still compatible with any
toilet environment.

An important and throughout new developed product in this line is ”Lady Care”, which is a mechatronics product with non-touch
activation of the receiving function. The product performance has been optimized with hygienic, discrete and ease of operation
in mind.

In addition, the product characteristics presented special development challenges, including the possibility to be configured
in 44 different combinations. The opening/closing function is very compact, swift and quiet. At the same time, a very efficient
drive system allows rare change of batteries and thus low, total cost of support.

In this project, TPU has been the general supplier of the product development, comprising:

• Establishment of a basic specification
• Creation of alternative concepts
• Establishment of models for testing of selected functions and properties
• Integration in design in cooperation with Knud Holscher Design
• Detailed development, including choice of material, technologies and ”design for X” with special focus on ”design for production”
• Control system
• Procurement, assembly of complete models and test of these
• CE-marking
• Procurement of production tools in international cooperation
• Pilot production and start of manufacturing
• Manufacturing related follow up after launch

Composite mounting system

A mounting system for optical sensors was designed with main focus on accuracy and stiffness. With extensive use of carbon fiber composite and Alloy 36 (trademark Invar 36) the system is optimized to retain accuracy over a wide temperature range.

I the cases where the requirements means that stainless steel is necessary, a duplex stainless steel with low coefficient of thermal expansion (compared to austenitic stainless steel) is used.

The carbon fiber structure, adhesive joints etc. has all been detailed analyzed using FEM tools and designed accordingly.

TPU has experience with most types of carbon fiber manufacturing methods, and are aware of design limitations and other considerations for among others:

  • Prepreg hand layup
  • Filament winding
  • Dry hand layup with resin infusion

Vivostat System

When lots of small blood vessels over a larger area of the body have been damaged, for instance due to vessel surgery, so-called diffuse bleedings and lymph leakages will occur. These diffuse bleedings and lymph leakages can be difficult to stop. For more than 20 years surgeons have made use of either burners or synthetic products developed from e.g. cattle or blood from blood banks to stop bleedings. With the increased focus on dangers of infections with regard to mainly HIV, hepatitis and mad cow disease, the demand for products coming from the patient himself has increased.

Vivostat is a machine, which produces so-called fibrin glue from a small amount of the patient’s own blood. The glue is produced in just half an hour and is extremely effective for stopping bleedings very fast – even bleedings from large blood vessels.

TPU has developed, tested and produced the initial 20 machines of the production. The development includes a complete design and documentation of mechatronics including transducers (IR temperatures gauges, pressure sensors, laser, strain gauges, etc.) and actuator systems together with specification of software and control systems. The development of a user interface and the industrial design of the machine have been completed in co-operation with the industrial designer Steve McGugan.

The testing phase of the project includes FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and the establishment of a quality assurance and quality control system for approval of the machines for hospital use. Furthermore a complete assembly description has been made along with the development of tools and fixtures to facilitate assembly.

The majority of the materials used for the machine have been manufactured in Denmark. TPU has handled the optimisation of tools (injection moulding, casting, extrusion and more) in co-operation with a wide range of suppliers.

In connection to the development of machines and control systems a series of patents have granted covering most of the industrial world.


Flame treatment

A number of thermoplastics have a low surface tension, which means that for instance water will form beads on the surface. It can be difficult to make print adhere to the surface of a plastic material with a low surface tension.

To ensure the best quality of the NovoLet® insulin pen Novo Nordisk A/S has introduced flame-treatment of all plastic materials receiving printed finishes.

For this purpose TPU has developed the technology, designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, implemented and optimised the shutter and burner system for the printing machines at Novo Nordisk.

Corona treament

On certain plastics flame-treatment does not provide sufficiently high surface tension without colouring the materials. In these cases corona-treatment might be used for getting a better print adhesion.

For Novo Nordisk A/S, TPU has developed concepts for a number of new machines for performing corona-treatment of materials for the NovoLet® insulin pen. In the project TPU has also contributed by locating suppliers of corona equipment, development of specifications, function testing, review together with project management.

Sugar measurement

Measurement of sugar, content of soil and amount of sugar beet top.

The sugar mills pay the farmers based upon the weight of the beets, the content of sugar, the content of soil and the amount of sugar beet top. Traditionally measuring these pricing parameters is done offline in a laboratory using a test sample of sugar beets from the truckload. The results are not known until a couple of days later.

TPU has assisted Danisco Sugar in developing a system for automatic and online measurement of content of sugar, content of soil and amount of sugar beet top for rapid availability when the sugar beets are delivered by truck to the sugar mill. The assistance by TPU to Danisco Sugar has been that of developing, designing, manufacturing and testing the system for sampling and measuring together with project management for large parts of the general project.


The Ready pump is a lightweight construction that nonetheless complies with very strict requirements on sturdiness and robust
design. The series is therefore ideal for mobile use in situations with need for drainage of water with contents of abrasive
particles, salt etc. Both the low weight and the compact appearance contribute to the favourable profile of the product.

The contribution from TPU has been to assist the customer in some very crucial phases: Specification of basic properties, concept
development and choice of technologies. Precisely those points, where the
product differed from the traditional products of the particular manufacturer, and where external inputs therefore were demanded.

Read more at flygt.dk

Hook for conveyor

Uniform and repetitive labor is a common problem in Danish slaughterhouses. The anaesthetized pigs are lifted with a loop of chain on to the conveyer system. TPU has developed a new and considerably lighter design for the Danish Meat Research Institute in order to reduce the load for the operator.

The hook weighs only a fraction of a traditional hook while being equally strong, environmentally resistant and with the same user- and system interface. The lightweight design is accomplished by an untraditional combination of advanced steel casting and machining.

In this project, TPU has handled specification, development, design, documentation, manufacturing, tensile testing and production testing in slaughterhouses.

The manufacturer of the new hook is SFK Systems.

Silicone treatment

The primary challenge of this project was to identify original concepts for the achievement of production conditions that could satisfy the strict process control requirements of the product. In addition, handling of especially volatile and explosion hazardous fluids was required, and so was a transfer to the new technology with minimal interruption of the ongoing production.

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