TPU has high-level qualifications in mechanical engineering suitable for all phases of the development process, which is a prerequisite for working as an external supplier of innovative development and design work.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

TPU has extensive experience in interdisciplinary projects. Such projects cover various different technical disciplines and have typical interfaces of electronics, software, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, optics, industrial design, etc.


TPU has engineer and technician resources for handling large projects.


Since 1990 TPU has successfully completed more than 400 product development projects, also covering instruments, measuring technology and manufacturing technology in general.


TPU has a well-established methodology for all phases of a project from specification, innovation, concept creation, design, documentation, manufacturing, test and product optimization to final production.


TPU has great experience in using IT based development tools including for example 3D CAD systems, calculation and analyzing programs.


TPU has a well-established collaboration with a large network of independent suppliers, specialists, knowledge centres, etc.


TPU has its own assembly- and test facilities which are mainly used for assembling and testing functional models, prototypes and production equipment.

Project organisation

When starting a project, TPU establishes an efficient project organization matching the specific requirements for skills, qualifications and resources.

Working environment

TPU maintains a dynamic and intense RD environment where projects have first-rate conditions for prospering. This gives TPU the ability of delivering a concentrated, dedicated and fast performance.

Knowledge transfer

TPU has practical experience with transfer of knowledge on methodology and tools to the expanding and learning organization.

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