A feasibility study is most often completed before the beginning of the actual development project.

The feasibility study includes a detailed definition of the project assignment, creation of various specifications, development of alternative sketched conceptual solutions and finally a recommendation of one or several possible solutions.

Furthermore the preliminary study typically also covers project plans and budgets for the subsequent development and design process, including a business case consideration for the entire project.

The remaining work will most likely include developing specific design concepts, testing critical functions, manufacturing simple function models and a more extensive analysis of the chosen design concept.

IT based development tools including CAD and different analyzing tools are used in the design work. Full documentation is created and function models on different levels are developed. Working with function models, including testing and trouble- shooting, is essential for the output of the project to ensure a finished and well functioning product ready for production.

In some projects the extent of cooperation with the customer includes that TPU performs the tasks of the post development production engineering, change control, etc.

TPU has also traditionally been engaged in projects with the purpose of analyzing and optimizing existing products and production facilities.

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